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System Down

Film Premiere: Support? System Down

Sponsored by associations
Action 4 Justice
A Child's Right

FINALLY you get to see what the government doesn't want you to know about the FAMILY COURT system. For a Limited Time only!
This powerful and moving 30 Minute SNEAK PREVIEW of the upcoming New Documentary Feature Film Support? System Down is now yours to own.
Help support the cause and move the film forward. Please click the link below to BUY-IT-NOW for Only $8.99!
Everyone who purchases the 30 Minute SNEAK PREVIEW will automatically receive a 10% discount OFF the FULL VERSION of Support? System Down scheduled for Release early 2009.

Dads on the Air
from Peter van de Voorde

October 2008

In matters that demand urgent action, 'deadbeat' governments of the western democracies have become the masters of inaction. For many years these inept governments have allowed the cowboys, bullies and psychopaths of the International finance industry to run amok and dictate how the system operate. The predictable result has seen the collapse of the global financial system and the destruction of the financial security of millions of hard working people around the world. Suddenly we witness a panic-stricken reaction by these same 'deadbeat' governments whose ignorance and inaction caused this disaster in the first place.

There are other areas of concern that have also continued to be ignored and will undoubtedly cause much social upheaval in the future. The subject of social justice is something governments pay much lip service to, but ultimately results in very little action on the ground. One of the greatest areas of concern is the way western governments have mishandled the complex issues surrounding Family Law. Again we witness how the cowboys, bullies and psychopaths of the lucrative divorce industry, have been allowed to take control and run riot for decades. Yet again we see the lives and future of many millions of innocent men, women and children around the globe, destroyed in the process.

Following thirty five years of unimpeded, relentless growth of the International Family Law industry and its mercenaries, we are now starting to see the horrific ramifications of long term widespread International government ignorance and inaction. Many millions of decent, responsible parents and other loving family members are forcibly being removed from their biological children against their will around the globe, at levels that meet the criteria of a pandemic.

One of the problems here is that of the sophisticated brainwashing that has been inflicted on the unsuspecting media, public, bureaucrats and politicians alike. Apart from some tokenism, Governments generally have chosen not to receive policy advice on Family Law matters from credible independent sources. Rather, they seek guidance from their own self-interested bias bureaucracies and senior advisers, or from the family law industry itself. No matter how accurate it may be, cautious and politically in-correct family law advice is not welcomed by governments in the western democracies, nor is it widely reported.

There are other reasons too, why the public hears so little in detail from those who approach family law issues rationally. The so-called family law 'experts' who dominate the debate, do so in a self serving manner, which has nothing to do with delivering justice and equality, but everything to do with maintaining the status quo. Operating intensely on several fronts, most are to do with the intimidation of those speaking out, and the withholding of information, in order to stifle debate.

Firstly, most government employees are gagged from making public comment on contentious issues. Governments prefer to employ government agencies, and making use of their own in house public relations experts, to craft carefully tailored manipulative press releases.

Secondly, researchers are under intense pressure to conform to the prevailing paradigm of feminist propaganda and alarmism, if they wish to receive funding for their research.

Thirdly, self-serving members of the establishment who have a vested interest in maintaining the current badly flawed family law industry, continuously speak in declamatory terms about those who dare to challenge them. The broader community and the mainstream media unquestionably accept this melodramatic propaganda as fact.

Fourthly, we see the suppression of important information on the operations of the family courts, child support agencies and the health profession, which would expose the gross injustices of the system and the horrific effects of the systematic persecution of its victims.

This secrecy gives great cause for community concern. The question that needs to be asked is, why is this information kept secret from the community? What are they hiding? Why are they so afraid? Why are more questions not being asked in our parliaments? This is the same 'deadbeat' governmental ignorance and ineptitude, that brought about the collapse of the global financial system.

Our Governments urgently need to recast the sources from which it draws its advice on family laws. The shrill alarmism of its public advisers, and the often fundamentalist feminist policy initiatives, bubbling up from the depths of the civil service, have all long ago been detached from reality. The international family law industry is an obscene collection of self interest groups, hell bent on ripping as much of the financial resources of unsuspecting separating parents as possible, as acknowledged in a plethora of reports. Every one of the many artificial remedies put forward by successive governments, have proved a costly failure and a complete waste of time and resources. Clearly, the wrong horses are being backed.

Myth making government spin doctors have been elevated to god like status, and their deceitful mythical rhetoric is promoted as gospel and used by those who are benefiting from their ill-gotten gains stripped from separating families. Only a handful of investigative journalists have taken the time to seek out the truth, as these stories tend to be viewed as being politically in-correct and unfashionable, and are not easy to sell in the current climate.

As mooted recently by so many around the globe, perhaps the time has come for the governments of the western democracies, to start sourcing their family law policy making information, from those in the community who are the most disadvantaged and suffering the worst excesses of cruelty from those at the centre of the present debacle. Continuing to source this information from those that are profiteering from this gross travesty of justice, and who themselves are the perpetrators, shows an alarming lack of governmental understanding of the complex issues at hand.

If this enlightenment of our legislators and the media were to occur, then at least, there is the possibility that some real solutions are likely to emerge for breaking the current impasse. This gross betrayal of public trust by so many in positions of influence, makes the great and pretentious look very small and impotent. In fact in the complex area of family law, our political legislators continue to perform in a manner commensurate with those lacking the intellectual aptitude to count to ten.

The voices of reason are as thin on the ground as a cold beer in the middle of the Sahara. How much longer are we going to tolerate this holocaust of our cherished family bonds with our children? How much longer do we continue to sit back and silently accept the propaganda put out by the spin doctors employed by our 'deadbeat' governments?

What can you as an individual do to bring about change?

We can do much, particularly since historically, nothing this unjust is sustainable and therefore change is inevitable. However this problem is not going to resolve itself, and we can see how inept governments are, at solving complex problems. So it is up to us, first and foremost, to start driving the debate and setting the agenda.

Ignorant politicians are drawn from an ignorant community, so we cannot expect our current crop of politicians to provide the answers, it is wholly and solely up to all of us to educate the community. There are many ways an informed community can send the strong message to our politicians, that 'we will no longer tolerate the state forcibly removing children from the love, care and protection of responsible parents'. It is possible,


Peter van de Voorde
Presenter and Researcher



Lone Fathers

"THE NOOS" the Lone Fathers Association Australia official newsletter

Read the newsletter - pdf




ACTION « Changement de vitesse » !
Devant le Cabinet de Monsieur Jo Vandeurzen
Le Mercredi 15 Octobre 2008 à 14h00

Communiqué de presse
Depuis que Monsieur Jo Vandeurzen est arrivé au SPF Justice, la situation des parents victimes d’un rapt parental n’a cessé de se délabrer.
Malgré les différentes interpellations à la Chambre et au Sénat et malgré sa promesse de rencontrer les parents, Monsieur le ministre joue à l’homme invisible.
La situation étant au point mort, les parents ont décidé de donner au ministre de la Justice une petite leçon de conduite avec pour thème : le changement de vitesse ou comment passer du point mort à une vitesse maximale autorisée !!
Les parents iront donc munis d’une boîte de changement de vitesses prodiguer leur leçon sur les marches du SPF Justice
Ils en profiteront pour remettre une lettre ouverte au ministre de la Justice reprenant les principaux points de leur méthode d’embrayage.

lettre à Mr Vandeurzen (format .doc - fr)

Quand ? Le mercredi 15 octobre 2008 à 14h00
Où ? Au Cabinet de Monsieur Jo Vandeurzen
SPF Justice
Bd de Waterloo 115, 1000 Bruxelles

Monsieur Vandeurzen arrivera-t-il à rattraper son retard, franchira-t-il la ligne d’arrivée vainqueur ou s’arrêtera-t-il en panne de volonté dans les paddocks du ministère ?
Vous le saurez EN DIRECT, dès 14h, au Grand Prix des SPF !!!
Pour de plus amples renseignements, contactez :
Madame Kouhmane Sultana : +32 (0) 2 763 23 17 – GSM : +32 (0)494/41 54 84
e-mail: sosraptsparentaux @



I Comme Identité

13 décembre 2008
Paris - devant l'Assemblée Nationale
Mobilisation interassociative

pour le droit de l’identité des enfants,
et à l’égalité

pour présenter des revendications parentales relatives à l’inégalité de l’éducation des enfants pour un des parents, suite à une séparation ou un divorce, ainsi que certaines graves conséquences.
- Les thèmes déjà évoqués par des associations sont les « lieux » dits « neutres », le Syndrome d’Aliénation Parentale ». Tout le monde peut apporter des propositions sur les sujets nous concernant, de préférence par e-mail.

- Nous invitons toutes les personnes, collectifs, associations, à se mobiliser pacifiquement, devant l’Assemblée Nationale à Paris le 13 décembre 2008 aux alentours de 14h30.
- Aussi souhaiterions-nous être contactés rapidement (avant le 20novembre2008) par les intéressés, ainsi que les responsables de collectifs et d’associations, qui seront présents pour planifier les différentes revendications qui seront présentées le 13 décembre 2008.
D’autres mobilisations sont prévues par la suite (les infos seront sur la page Blog).



Väteraufbruch für Kinder

7° Familienkongress
am 8./9. November 2008 in Halle/Saale

Für die einen ging sie nicht weit genug, für die anderen war die neue Kindschaftsrechtsreform ein viel zu großer Schritt. Befürchtungen und Ängste gab es auf allen Seiten – bei Befürwortern wie bei Gegnern dieser Reform. Was am 01.07.98 begann und was sich daraus entwickelt hat, dass soll das Thema des 7. Familienkongresses sein:

10 Jahre Erfahrungen mit dem Kindschaftsrecht von 1998
eine Bundesbegleitforschung und eine Bilanz

Der Gesetzgeber hat mit der Einführung des neuen Kindschaftsrechtes eine Begleitforschung in Auftrag gegeben. Was waren die Ergebnisse und was wurde aus dem Wissen? Väter klagten gegen die Ungleichstellung nichtehlicher Kinder bis vor das Bundesverfassungsgericht. Die Reform wurde trotz Benachteiligung nichtehelicher Kinder am 29.01.2003 für verfassungskonform erklärt. Die Bundesregierung wurde allerdings aufgefordert, zu überprüfen, ob ein Missbrauch des Sorgerechtes gegeben sei. Was ist aus diesem Auftrag 5 Jahre nach dem BVerfG-Urteil geworden? Welche Erkenntnisse liegen heute vor?

In den letzten 10 Jahren entstanden neue Wege, neue Modelle, neue Praxen. Alle haben eines gemein; Zusammenarbeit der Professionen, damit Trennungseltern ihre Situation begreifen und annehmen können. Trotz Trennung bleiben sie Eltern für ihre Kinder. In wieweit ist dies gelungen? Hat der Erhalt der gemeinsamen elterlichen Sorge im Regelfall dazu geführt, dass sich der elterliche Streit auf den Umgang verlagert hat?

Was waren die damaligen Intentionen des Gesetzgebers, was waren die Neuerungen? Welche Erfahrungen machten die Praktiker? Was hat sich mit diesem neuen Gesetz verbessert und was muss zukünftig anders gelöst werden?



VEV Verantwortungsvoll erziehende Väter und Mütter

on 25 October 2008 at 10.00am
in Dielsdorf - Switzerland

Samstag 25. Oktober 2008, 10.00 vor dem Bezirksgericht in Dielsdorf



Unidos por la Custodia Compartida

Unidos Por la Custodia Compartida

Madrid Event
5 October 2008

Greetings to"Unidos por la Custodia Compartida" and to Spanish medias

Madrid 5 October 2008




Grandparents Apart

Grandparents Apart UK in front of the The Scottish Parliament, 1 ottobre 2008

Grandparents Apart UK - Jimmy Deuchars

are pleased to announce that permission has been granted for our

Grandparents Apart Mobile Family Information & Education Center (Foto Parlamento Scozzese - Co.FigliNegati)

Mobile Family Information
and Education Centre
To be sited at the pond outside
The Scottish Parliament
Wednesday 1st October 2008
between the hours of
11.15am -2.30pm.

All Members of the general public are invited to give us a visit if they have a few moments to spare. See our set up and how we are promoting the ‘Charter for Grandchildren’ and ‘The Parenting Agreement.’

Scottish Tour to promote the Charter for Grandchildren & Parenting Agreement

Their book exposing the injustice of family law:

‘Grandparents Speak Out
for Vulnerable Children’

Jimmy Deuchars
Grandparents Apart UK



Parental And Civil Rights Alliance

F4J 2 Fathers4Justice Activists Atop Crane In Ohio

Donald Tenn is a man of conviction. Since the day I met him, one thing, and one thing alone has guided his every move. Tenn is a Daddy who misses and worries about his daughter Madison every moment of every day.
Madison and Tenn are victims of Madison's mother Shannon and the disaster called the family court system. Shannon illegally abducted Madison from California to Illinois. When she learned the law would make her return Madison, she immediately filed false allegations of domestic violence against Tenn. As I described here and here, not only has Madison's mother broken the law, she's being rewarded for her actions.
Today he took his cause to new heights. Tenn, from California, in a Spiderman suit and Paul Fisher, from Ohio, in a Batman suit, both members of Fathers4Justice, are currently atop a 100 foot crane outside the Ohio Stadium in Columbus. They've unfurled a 40 foot banner that says STOP THE WAR ON FATHERS.

There are at least 100,000 people passing underneath on their way to the Ohio State football game. Tenn describes at least 100 police, sheriff and SWAT officers gathering below. He adds that a police helicopter keeps buzzing very close by.
When asked to comment, John Fowler, National Coordinator for F4J said, "These fathers have waited years for change. Their pleas have fallen of deaf ears when all they are asking for is to be able to love a raise their children. Why should children be denied the right to have two loving parents?"
Tenn has spent the last couple of years volunteering as a board member and California coordinator for Fathers4Justice. Fathers 4 Justice originated in the UK a few years ago. Founder Matt O'Connor recently announced he was shutting down his group, again. There are now F4J branches in several countries including Canada, where family rights activists Rob Robinson (Batman) and Kris Titus (Wonderwoman) regularly make the news with similar stunts.
Describing the phone calls he receives at all hours of the day Tenn says, "We get dozens of new members every month, just from California." "Each parent thinks their case is unique. They don't realize that I've heard the same story hundreds of times."
He says he understands that they need to get it off their chests. "And fathers aren't the only parents who are victims," he adds, "mothers and grandparents call me too." It's estimated that by 2010 one quarter of America's noncustodial parents will be female.
Tenn says making any parent "noncustodial" is wrong. Unless they've been convicted of a crime or don't want to be part of their child's life. He even says he wants Shannon to have equal access to Madison, after she gets out of jail.
Shared parenting and shared custody are supported by over 85% of the population. Why then can't these parents and legislators get laws passed to guarantee equal parental rights to all fit parents? The answer is very simple. There are "protective mother" groups who are financially and politically supported by feminist and domestic violence organizations.
They often use lies and debunked "facts" to convince legislators that passing these laws will hurt children. As I described here I watched as they lied under oath to derail AB1305, the 2005 California shared parenting bill. Less than 5% of divorces are high conflict. Sixty to eighty percent of all domestic violence charges are found to be unnecessary or false. Isn't it time to have laws that fit the facts?
Most families would benefit from shared parenting. Studies show it actually reduces conflict. When confronted about the controversial nature of the demonstration Mr. Fowler replied "What would you be willing to do if a corrupt court denied you access to your children?" .

Jugs for Justice web site
Mensnewsdaily web site

Dads on the Air
da Peter van de Voorde

[traduzione italiana in corso]

In order to enlighten those who are still in denial about the existence of Parental Alienation and to show the destructive consequences of the Sole Parent Custody model, I have amended the “Biderman’s Chart of Coercion” to illustrate how the same brainwashing techniques are used by sole custodial parents to control every aspect of their children’s lives, and how they are able to eliminate the non-custodial parent out of their child’s life with ease. They are able to drag these unfortunate manipulated children into adulthood with a false perception of reality, leaving the community to pick up the pieces of the resulting problems these dysfunctional parents have created.
This clearly shows why the “sole parent custody model” has to be abolished before we can even begin to move forward to relieve the nightmare our children face under the current system.
To remove all checks and balances by allowing a Sole Custodial Parent to remove half of a child’s biological family, who can provide those checks and balances during their childhood and formative years, with impunity, leaves our children open to all types of abuse including but not limited to physical, sexual, emotional and psychological abuse.
This is State sponsored Child Abuse and is a gross violation of the universally accepted human rights of non custodial parents and their biological children.

Biderman's Chart of Coercion:
(When applied in the context of the destructive Sole Parent Custody model).
"Most people who brainwash...use methods similar to those of prison guards who recognize that physical control is never easily accomplished without the cooperation of the prisoner. The most effective way to gain that cooperation is through subversive manipulation of the mind and feelings of the victim, who then becomes a psychological, as well as a physical, prisoner."
from an Amnesty International publication, "Report on Torture", which depicts the brainwashing of prisoners of war.
  • Isolation
  • Monopolization of Perception
  • Induced Debility and Exhaustion
  • Occasional Indulgences
  • Devaluing the Individual

Download full version
[English - .doc]

Peter van de Voorde
Presenter and Researcher



American Coalition for
Fathers and Children

Book: Alec Baldwin
"Promises to Ourselves"

ABC's 20/20 will be running a segment on Fathers and Child Custody. As many of you are probably aware Alec Baldwin's new book "Promises to Ourselves" is scheduled for release next week. The segment tonight will include comments from Baldwin

Libro di Alec Baldwin "Promises to Ourselves"

"A Promise to Ourselves: A Journey Through Fatherhood and Divorce"
Alec Baldwin on Divorce, Children and Reconciliation
In his new book (in stores on Tuesday), "A Promise to Ourselves: A Journey Through Fatherhood and Divorce," Baldwin chronicles his journey for other fathers who are seeking custody and struggling for justice in family court. He says it's time to do something about the business of divorce in America and, in typical Baldwin fashion, he doesn't mince words.
"I don't care if the judges and the lawyers die of heart attacks in the process of getting their job done. They are corrupt, inefficient, lazy, stupid -- they're the most God-awful people."
Baldwin believes that many family court lawyers and their manipulations and delays make the child custody duel much worse than it needs to be. "The judges are like pit bosses in Vegas casinos. Their job is to make sure everybody stays at the table and keeps gambling."
19 September 2008
Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger's cutthroat custody battle over their 12-year-old daughter, Ireland, has made international headlines for years. The couple divorced in 2002 after nine years of marriage, but the vicious accusations on both sides continued, culminating in the infamous 2007 voice-mail message in which Baldwin berated his daughter.
ABC News web site
Watch the video
Book Excerpt p.1 - p. 2 - p. 3 - p. 4


Diego Hernán Cecchini

Separated husbands and wives who block their former partners from seeing their children could be forced to do community service under new laws coming into force in the autumn.

(Guardian Internet web site)

Two Fathers 4 Justice campaigners protest on the roof of the deputy Labour leader, Harriet Harman. Photograph: Carl Court/PA

Separated husbands and wives who block their former partners from seeing their children could be forced to do community service under new laws coming into force in the autumn.
The move is likely to be welcomed by fathers' rights groups, which in recent years have led high-profile campaigns to highlight the problems fathers have maintaining contact with their children once relationships break down.
But it has drawn criticism from some justice experts. 'I'm not convinced unpaid work will change the way people think or behave,' said Anthony Douglas, chief executive of Cafcass, which advises the courts on the interests of children in family proceedings. 'It might be the right thing to do in a handful of cases. But what we really need is more specialist family support services with counselling for both children and parents.'
Harry Fletcher, spokesman for the probation union, Napo, said it could see thousands of people, mainly women, criminalised. 'It could mean that distraught mothers do unpaid work alongside persons convicted of criminal offences,' he warned. 'It would conflict with childcare responsibilities.'
The Children and Adoption Act, which comes into force in November, will see parents, who fail to comply with contact orders handed down in the family courts, made to carry out up to 100 hours of community service, performing tasks such as collecting litter or working in a charity shop. If they fail to carry out the tasks, the penalty can be increased to up to 200 hours' community service and result in a fine.
The new measures reflect a growing concern about the family courts system. Critics say that it is cumbersome, lacks transparency and that social workers involved in drawing up reports have too much power. 'The court system is so slow and adversarial and the punishments for disobeying so seldom used that people feel they can get away with stopping a father or a mother from seeing their child,' said Jon Davies, chief executive of Families Need Fathers. 'But we are sceptical about these new laws. What we need is a change to the adversarial court system. We need to stop people going to court in the first place.'
Cafcass deals with 85,000 cases each year, involving separating couples who have children. Up to 15,000 of these cases result in contact orders being issued. Currently, parents who refuse to allow former partners to have contact with their children are forced to attend dispute resolution talks. But there are few sanctions to force parents to comply with the contact orders.
The issue of access to children of separated and divorced couples has come to the fore in recent years, with fathers' rights groups claiming that they are getting a raw deal. The issue has been raised predominantly by men's rights groups because courts usually decide that the child should stay with the mother when couples split up. Members of the militant group Fathers 4 Justice have launched a series of high-profile stunts to draw attention to their grievances, including taking to the roof of Labour deputy leader Harriet Harman's home dressed as superheroes.
According to Napo, the vast majority of the individuals who breach contact arrangements are women, often because a mother believed that her children would suffer as a consequence of contact with the father.
A government spokeswoman defended the new laws: 'These new measures, which include ordering an individual to attend contact activities such as a parenting class, or carry out unpaid work, give the court new ways to help find solutions where there is a serious conflict between parties.'



Collectif La Vie de Pères

Murder of a Flemish Heroe
Marcel Vervloesem

Read the Petition and Sign

More information on the blog Collectif la Vie de Pères
More information on Internet web site Droit

Marcel Vervloesem, is becoming blind, as a consequence of a hunger and thirst strike, to request the respect of his constitutional rights. He was sentenced to four years of prison for crimes which medicine recognizes he is physically unable to carry out.
The priority of the government is to get Belgium rid of man who exposed corruption covering the industry of children's sexual exploitation. The press has made the description a merry entry of Marcel Vervloesem in prison, to spend four comfortable years there to write his memoirs. The censure is applied manu militari. The police force of Turnhout intervened within three minutes, armed to he teeth, to stop the photographic report of an action in front of his prison.

French version - see the video

Marcel Vervloesem has declined the offer of a couple, which had come the day before his imprisonment, to offer to hide him in Germany, then in France. He had no illusion had on his fate, following his 31 days hunger strike experience in 2005, for exactly the same request. Cardiac and diabetic, he had been awaked every fifteen minutes. It was for "to see whether he was not dead", had then explained the ministry of justice.
A thirst strike ensures blindness, because eyes need a lot of water. It also ensures the reduction in the quantity of blood. This results into a fall of the blood-pressure, a rise of the cardiac flow, and a rise of the sugar in the blood. It thus acts of an aggravated danger to a man who suffers from heart failure and diabetes. Nothing guarantees that the authorities would be reassured of releasing him blind, because his memory raises a problem.
Marcel Vervloesem denounced the paedocriminal network Zandvoort, with over a 100.000 pictures of crime on children. All the mothers of victim, who asked for justice while refusing to make concessions to the network, ended-up in prison, object similar miscarriages of justice.
When a man does not find d' another solution than an atrocious death, but probably necessary so that EU vaguely foresees to work on a solution that guarantee Europeans the respect of its own laws, the "intelligentsia" and the ministers speak about "blackmail".
The Werkgroep Morkhoven, association he founded to assist discriminated people, reminded the ministry of justice a complaint against X for no assistance to a person in danger, which dates from the 2005 hunger strike. It is expected to be treated in 2015 by the European Court of Human Rights, since there is no hope for the application of the law in Belgium in any question regarding corruption and child trade.

For symbol of the position of the Belgian government as regards of fighting organised crime and right to equality, its penitentiary authorities which granted a computer to Marc Dutroux, prohibited a typewriter to Marcel Vervloesem, who has showed connections between Dutroux and the paedocriminal network Zandvoort.

He was maintained in a prison without infirmary, but with a nurse who returns home as from 20:00 hours. Nobody was thus present during the night, for first aid in the event of foreseeable heart attack. The doctor did not envisage transferring him in a prison with infirmary, before the blocking of kidneys, which according to him should only occur on the 6th day. An intervention of the minstry of justice has managed to have him transfered him a day earlier.
Inadmissible behaviour of the King.

The King of the Belgians did not answer at the request of intervention, to make sure that no obstacle would be made to the visits of his closest friends and his doctor. They are on the contrary, objects of "new regulations", clearly with an aim of preventing they can see him again alive.

Nothing can justify that a sovereign do not ensure a request which returns in the order of the rights of a dying prisoner, or that he refuses to listen to the citizens of his country.

The newspaper "Het Laatste Nieuws" claims this morning, that Marcel Vervloesem would only make a hunger strike, which enables to foresee the announcement of a death in circumstances less overpowering for the King and his legal authorities.
Modifications of the prison regulations.

Jo Vandeurzen, Minister for justice, has forwarded the dossier to Mr. Meurisse, managing director penal establishments. He made sure that Professor Gagliardi, who intended to come to Belgium from Italy, only learns of the prisons regulation changes without his patient being informed, when he was at the edge of coma. It should cause to avoid that a foreign specialist, may testify of the disguise of a prisoner's murder, in a country of the European Union.

Marcel Vervloesem, who in 1988 had organized the first demonstrations for the respect of the right of the sick prisoners, was maintained in the ignorance of the new regulation, which obliges him to indicate those which he wanted to see. Formerly, it was of the prison to ask the prisoners if they wanted to see those which requested it.

He was advised of another new strange regulation for a catholic country: the interdiction of the prisoners to have visitors on the first Sunday of the imprisonment. He could thus not see his family on Sunday, first day of a serious risk of coma.

Marcel Vervloesem was also banned from any telephone contact with his collaborators and his lawyer before the fourth day of his hunger and thirst strike. He then telephoned, with a voice so weakened, that it was unrecognizable. He was still unaware of the new regulations.
Tears will not stop the fight.

The goal of the authorities primarily seems to impose him the maximum of suffering, to frighten his friends and collaborators. They have no intention to betray him in allowing that his murder harms the fight. They had been very afflicted by the first murder in 1998 their collaborators Gina Bernard, but have not abandomned the children.

Marcel Vervloesem gave his last telephone call as a free man to the vice-president of his association. As she told him she did not want him to leave, he answered:

- Courage: always carry on doing good work.

He is at the source of all the European laws to protect children from pornography, but these laws are not applied in the countries covered by the network Zandvoort. He sent a handwritten good-bye letter to his collaborators. He does not regret his 20 years of combat of paedo pornography and thanks them to have been at his sides.

Marcel Vervloesem will remain alive and respected in all the minds. Those who have participated in this crime, even just by refusing assistance, will never be more than vulgar assassins.



Unidos por la Custodia Compartida

Valencia - 1a sentenza a favore dell'affido condiviso
17 settembre 2008

El Tribunal de Catalunya se pronuncia a favor de la custodia compartida. Por primera vez ha sido considerada beneficiosa para la evolución del niño en casos de ruptura.

Da Avv. Luis Arego
Fonte notizia
Barcelona. (EFE).- El Tribunal Superior de Justicia de Catalunya (TSJC), unificador de doctrina en derecho civil catalán, se ha manifestado por primera vez a favor de la custodia compartida de los hijos en una sentencia de divorcio, por considerarla beneficiosa para la evolución del niño en casos de ruptura matrimonial.
La sentencia, dictada por la máxima instancia en derecho civil catalán, sienta un precedente para la creación de doctrina en un asunto que la Generalitat pretende regular mediante la aprobación del Código de Familia, que propone establecer la custodia compartida como régimen preferente.
En el fallo, la sala civil y penal del TSJC desestima el recurso presentado por un padre divorciado que reclamaba la custodia compartida de sus dos hijos, con el argumento de que este tribunal no es la instancia que debe decidir sobre el fondo de la cuestión, a no ser que la sentencia apelada fuera "irracional, ilógica o arbitraria".
Sin embargo, el TSJC aprovecha la sentencia desestimatoria para pronunciarse, por primera vez, sobre la custodia compartida de los hijos, un régimen que, en su opinión, presenta "indudables ventajas para la evolución y desarrollo del niño en las situaciones de conflicto familiar producido por la ruptura matrimonial (...)".
Para el tribunal, que cita cuatro informes internacionales sobre el efecto de las custodias compartidas en los menores, dicho régimen evita la aparición de "conflictos de lealtades" en los niños respecto a sus padres, favorece la comunicación entre éstos y permite ver la ruptura sin "vencedores y vencidos ni culpables e inocentes".
< Otra de las ventajas que el TSJC ve en la custodia compartida es que contribuye a concebir el reparto equilibrado de cargas familiares como algo natural, y no eventual o accidental, lo que favorece "la implantación en los hijos de la idea de la igualdad de sexos".Además de su apoyo a ese régimen de guarda de los hijos, la sentencia del alto tribunal catalán incorpora otros pronunciamientos novedosos, como considerar que la custodia compartida puede otorgarse sin atenerse a los requisitos establecidos en el Código Civil español, que exige que, en caso de desacuerdo de los padres, el fiscal emita un dictamen favorable a la misma.
En otra manifestación innovadora, la sentencia no descarta que en la concesión de custodias compartidas se establezcan también pensiones alimenticias para compensar "las situaciones de desigualdad en el tiempo de convivencia con uno y otro progenitor".
Dichas pensiones, de acuerdo con el tribunal, vendrían a "procurar un cierto equilibrio y una razonable estabilidad en la calidad y la intensidad" del cuidado de los hijos, para evitar que se vean sometidos "a los vaivenes derivados de la diferente capacidad adquisitiva de sus progenitores custodios".



Unidos por la Custodia Compartida

Unidos Por la Custodia Compartida

Madrid Event
5 October 2008

Barcellona Event
30 November 2008


Children Need Both Parents

Minister Ronald E. Smith has passed
A message to all members of Children Need Both Parents
It is with an extremely sad heart that we announce Minister Ronald E. Smtih passed away on September 5, 2008 from a massive heart attack. Minister Smith was not only the Founder of Children Need Both Parents, an author, and an advocate but also a proud parent. We are all still recovering from this unexpected news. However, a message from the family will be posted very shortly.

Minister Ronald Smith

I Figli del mondo intero perdono con lui uno dei loro migliori difensori.
Le nostre più sentite condoglianze alla sua Famiglia
e a tutta l'associazione Children Need Both Parents

Children of all the world are loosing with him one of their best defenders.
Our sincerest condolences to his Family
and to the Association Children Need Both Parents
Associazione Figli Negati



Grandparents Apart

A well known saying

A well known saying. From the governments, and the children’s organisations are.
‘The Best Interests of the Child’
Another well known statement from governments is:
‘Grandparents are very important in a child’s life’.

Then why are grandparents not promoted as such? especially when they and the children are usually the innocent damaged party of family break ups. Do they encourage children’s organisations to ensure that grandparents are still available to them? No! They do not. Doing nothing does not encourage parents to think of the harm to their own children. This is totally irresponsible from organisations that say they operate in a child’s best interest.

It cannot be denied that many a child has been rescued from abuse and poverty by grandparents who are the biggest carers of children in the world, often without payment and always make sure children have all the essentials. Who knows better what goes on in their family in the first place and in a position to help if permitted?

But grandparent/grandchild’s legal contact is denied every time by the governments of the UK, it is their attitude that alienates that special person from children’s lives.

The Charter for Grandchildren was produced by the Scottish Government as voluntary. The reply we get when quoted is “we don’t need to use it” It needs to be made legal to encourage organisations more to promote the role of grandparents that they so often say are an essential part of children’s lives. They should be moving heaven and earth to use all the protection available for the protection of our children today and not to do so is criminal.

Jimmy Deuchars
Grandparents Apart UK




GeCoBi Newsletter Août 2008

Le premier numéro
Voici le premier numéro des Newsletters de GeCoBi. Nous souhaitons dorénavant vous informer par ce moyen des événements et des développements de GeCoBi, et, bien entendu, de tout ce qui concerne l’introduction de la coresponsabilité parentale. Nous aimerions cependant nous arrêter également sur d’autres thèmes concernant la parentalité et vous faire part de nos réflexions. Nous vous souhaitons beaucoup de plaisir à la lecture de ce premier numéro des Newsletters de GeCoBi.

Les événements passés
L’Association suisse pour la coparentalité (GeCoBi) a été créée le 13 mai 2008 en tant qu’association faîtière nationale. Quinze organisations ont préparé durant trois ans cette création, avec une proposition de changement de loi en vue d’une coresponsabilité parentale. Cette proposition a été adressée et présentée à l’office fédéral de Justice en juin 2007. Avec la manifestation nationale pour la coparentalité du 17 mai 2008 sur la Place fédérale, GeCoBi a donné un premier signe fort de son existence. Sur notre page d’accueil, vous pourrez retrouver de nombreux témoignages, les discours qui ont été prononcés et les reflets qu’en a donné la presse nationale. La création d’une association faîtière d’organisations touchant à la parentalité et ce, au niveau national, a été saluée de toutes parts.

Et maintenant, le vif du sujet!
Durant les prochaines semaines, les prochains mois, ce sera une étape capitale pour faire accepter notre projet de loi pour une coresponsabilité parentale. Nous menons ce combat depuis des années pour que les deux parents jouissent des mêmes droits et surtout pour que les enfants gardent l’accès à leurs deux parents.
Même si l’introduction d’une coresponsabilité parentale semble acceptée ici ou là, nous devons exposer clairement de quoi il s’agit, car, parmi les organisations, des notions très différentes en sont retenues, et il y en a même qui préfèreraient garder le statu quo. Si leurs notions correspondent plus ou moins à une coparentalité, elles revêtent une forme qui n’apporte rien. Notre projet de loi va, au contraire, bien plus loin, car il ne demande pas seulement une autorité parentale conjointe, mais une coresponsabilité parentale. Cela signifie que ce n’est pas seulement le partage de l’autorité parentale qui est demandé, mais justement et surtout le partage équitable des devoirs éducatifs et de soins entre les deux parents.
Ce point de vue aurait l’avantage de décharger les mères, souvent surchargées, d’impliquer davantage la responsabilité des pères et, surtout, d’offrir à l’enfant une relation équilibrée à sa mère et à son père.

Détails des arguments pour ou contre

Et la suite ?

GeCoBi a démarré dans un grand élan, elle doit le garder. Durant le 2ème week-end d’août, plusieurs membres du comité se sont réunis et ont travaillé intensément le programme durant deux jours, afin que des premiers résultats tombent bientôt.

En octobre 2008, le Département de Justice va soumettre un projet de loi concernant l’autorité parentale conjointe. en consultation. Nous espérons évidemment que nos idées et propositions seront retenues. Nous avons retravaillé et complété nos arguments afin d’être mieux armés pour convaincre.
Le 13 septembre 2008, GeCoBi organise une journée de rencontre interne à Bienne. Les présidents des différentes organisations y sont invités, afin de cibler les buts à atteindre en 2009. Cette journée sera également l’occasion de mieux faire connaissance les uns avec les autres.
Vous le constatez, GeCoBi bouge !

Oliver Hunziker
Präsident GeCoBi



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