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Roma 16 Marzo 2008 : Correre e marciare... Un vero PADRE non pu mancare ! -- Rome 16 March 2008 : Running and marching... A real DAD cannot miss this ! -- Rome 16 Mars 2008 : Courir et marcher... Un vrai PAPA ne peut pas rater cela ! -- Rom 16. Mrz 2008: zu laufen und zu gehen... Ein wahrer VATER kann das nicht verpassen! -- Roma 16 de marzo de 2008: correr e ir... Un verdadero PADRE no puede faltar eso -- Roma 16 de Maro de 2008: correr e andar... Um verdadeiro PAI no pode errar aquilo!
Vai al sito dell'Armata dei Padri
Vai al sito di Figli Negati
In collaboration
Sito ufficiale della Maratano della Città di Roma
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Collectif La Vie de Pères

Angry Dads
: for a "Cristhmas of the ununited families" - article on La Capitale - 27.12.2007 p. 8

[read the article on the Blog La Vie de Pères]



Unión de Separados y Divorciados de Madrid

Save the Date
- promoted by the Association Manos Unidas por la Custodia Compartida
Madrid - 10 febbraio 2008
"Custodia Compartida SI - Denuncias Falsas NO - Sindrome de Alienacion Parental NO"
[Internet Web Site & Programme]

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Collectif La Vie de Pères
Ce que vous faites est considérable pour nous tous sur cette partie de planète. S’il y avait plus d’acteurs de changements tels que vous… nous ne serions plus dans ces situations dramatiques.
Aussi, je vous suis infiniment reconnaissant pour tout ce que vous osez entreprendre pour le bien-être et la sauvegarde de l’humanité. J’ai beaucoup d’estime pour vous, chères collaboratrices, chers collaborateurs et chers partenaires de Belgique, de France, d’Italie, de Grèce, du Canada, du Royaume Uni et des Etats-Unis d’Amérique.
Nous vous souhaitons un Joyeux Noël plein d’espoirs et une Bonne Année 2008, remplie d’amitiés, de solidarités et d’amour.

Fondateur – Militant bénévole

What you do is considerable for us all on this part of planet. If there were more actors of changes such as you... we would not be any more in these dramatic situations.
Also, I am infinitely grateful to you for all that you dare to undertake for the wellbeing and the safeguard of humanity. I have much regard for you, dear collaborators, dear collaborators and dear partners of Belgium, of France, of Italy, of Greece, of Canada, of the United Kingdom and the United States of America.
We wish you a Merry Christmas full with hopes and a Happy New Year 2008, full with friendship, solidarity and love.

Founder - Militant Voluntary

Che avete fatto è considerevole per noi tutti su questa parte di pianeta. Se ci fossero più attori di cambiamenti così come voi... non saremmo stati più in queste situazioni drammatiche.
Inoltre, vi sono infinitamente riconoscente per tutto ciò che osate intraprendere per il benessere e la salvaguardia dell'umanità. Ho molta stima per voi, cari collaboratori, cari collaboratori e cari partner del Belgio, della Francia, dell'Italia, della Grecia, del Canada, del Regno Unito e degli Stati Uniti d'America.
Vi desideriamo un Natale allegro pieno di speranze ed un buono anno 2008, pieno d'amicizia, di solidarietà e d'amore.

Fondatore - Militante disinteressato

[sito internet]



A Child’s Right

Save the Dates
- 1st Annual Fatherhood Summit - Grand Rapids, Michigan - 4/01/2008
[Internet Web Site & Programme]
- 2nd Annual Family Preservation Festival - Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C.- 15-17/08/2008
[Internet Web Site & Programme]


Grandparents Apart

Press Release. Immediate. 15th December 2007.

Nottingham grandfather Charles Roy Taylor who was jailed unjustly for answering a help call from his grandson ever get out of jail. Nick Palmer an MP for Nottingham emailed Grandparents Apart Self Help Group Scotland and wrote:-

[Quote] “constant unsolicited harangues are counter-productive: they are actually putting me off the whole issue of grandparents' rights” [Unquote]

The unsolicited email was “A terrible horrible death for Tiny Alexis” Would not every MP in the country be appalled at this horrific death of a six year old baby who's father and grandparents were banned from contact. We would have thought as public servants they would take steps to ensure this does not happen in their constituency but Mr Palmer seems to not want to know.
It is a shame for the people of Nottingham that has an MP who goes into a huff and says he is put off on such a highly sensitive issue.

Jimmy Deuchars
Grandparents Apart Self Help Group Scotland.

14 December 2007
A terrible horrible death for Tiny Alexis
A battered six-week old baby was rushed to hospital with “blood in her eyes” just hours before she died. Tiny Alexis Matheson – who suffered horrific injuries to the head and body – lost her fight for life despite the efforts of specialist doctor’s at two hospitals. Non-resident parents and paternal grandparents were banned from contacting the child that was left at the mercy of her alleged killer.
Children in this situation we call “The forgotten children” of society.
These are children that are caught in a gap without protection where no-one can help them if they are being abused until the unthinkable happens. In these situations “Who” is looking out for these children that are living in these danger homes? No-one! No one is permitted to contact them if the resident parent wishes it. The parent can stop the non-resident parent or grandparents without any reason from having any contact even for the child’s safety.. Surely this is not in the best interests of a child? Every one who loves them should be able to have some contact in known cases of problems in their lives. A stranger is allowed to come and go with disastrous results. Non-resident parents and grandparents are enraged at this powerlessness to protect their own children.
The government have been constantly told that tragedies like this are occurring. And the “forgotten children” was put to the previous Scottish Executive by Grandparents Apart Self Help Group Scotland. Their answer was “we have nothing further to add to our previous correspondence with you” It is obvious they have no answers to this problem. Turning a blind eye will not make them go away. How many more children will be killed before the government relents and allows non-resident parents who have done no wrong contact for their children’s safety and use the army of grandparents out there where the majority of them would be delighted to help in early detection of child abuse, because of the unique relationship they have with the family.
We need action now!

Jimmy Deuchars
Grandparents Apart Self Help Group Scotland.

Glenn Sacks
Men's and fathers' issues
newspaper columnist,
radio commentator, and blogger
New Column: Biden's Misguided S1515 Will Exacerbate Domestic Violence System's Problems My new co-authored column, Biden's Misguided S1515 Will Exacerbate Domestic Violence System's Problems (Philadelphia Daily News, 12/7/07), criticizes a new bill which will enlist 100,000 volunteer attorneys to help purportedly abused women win custody of their children from their alleged abusers. Our principle objection to the bill is that there is no mechanism within it to distinguish between false accusations and legitimate ones. [leggi]
No withdrawal of case for a crime against humanity
Antwerp - December 5, 2007. The lawyers of Marcel Vervloesem, main investigator of the Werkgroep Morkhoven, pleaded the appeal of a judgment showing him for having acquired the working capital of the pédo- criminal network Zandvoort for his own account: a cabal that was to allow the destruction of the evidence on crimes committed upon the 90.081 children victim of the network, without having to justify any inquiry.[more]
Confederación Estatal de Asociaciones de Madres y Padres Separados





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