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MARZO 2009
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>>>> PROSSIMA EDIZIONE - ROMA 22 MARZO 2009 <<<< Roma 16 Marzo 2008 : Correre e marciare... Un vero PADRE non pu mancare ! -- Rome 16 March 2008 : Running and marching... A real DAD cannot miss this ! -- Rome 16 Mars 2008 : Courir et marcher... Un vrai PAPA ne peut pas rater cela ! -- Rom 16. Mrz 2008: zu laufen und zu gehen... Ein wahrer VATER kann das nicht verpassen! -- Roma 16 de marzo de 2008: correr e ir... Un verdadero PADRE no puede faltar eso -- Roma 16 de Maro de 2008: correr e andar... Um verdadeiro PAI no pode errar aquilo!
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Padres por Siempre
Johan Martinez, "el nino caminante", è il candidato al premio...

Johan Martinez, un piccolo bambino
con un carattere unico e strepitoso.

Liberate suo padre. Un figlio così lo merita.
Noi lo sosteniamo.
Bravo piccolo-grande Johan. Non mollare mai.


Bogota', 29 mag. - (Adnkronos/Dpa)- In Colombia lo hanno soprannominato "el nino caminante". Lui e' Johan Martinez, un ragazzino di 11 anni che ha commosso il paese affrontando una marcia di cento chilometri per chiedere la liberazione del padre Jose', rapito poche settimane prima della sua nascita dai guerriglieri delle Farc, le Forze Armate Rivoluzionarie della Colombia.
Johan, partito a piedi tre giorni fa dal villaggio natale di Ospina, e' stato accolto oggi come una star, fra fiori, bandiere e discorsi nella citta' di Pasto, capoluogo della provincia di Narino, alla frontiera con l'Ecuador. Il padre, sergente dell'esercito, e' stato sequestrato il 21 dicembre 1997 durante un attacco delle Farc ad una base dell'esercito in questa provincia. Dei diversi militari che furono rapiti, rimangono prigionieri Martinez e un altro sergente Pablo Emilio Moncayo. "Ho intrapreso questo cammino per liberarlo, perche' sia felice con me, per condividere assieme i momenti belli della vita", ha detto il bambino, parlando del padre all'arrivo a Pasto.
Il padre di Moncayo, Gustavo, ha gia' intrapreso due marce per chiedere la liberazione del figlio e Johan ha deciso di imitarlo. Le Farc avevano annunciato la prossima liberazione di Moncayo per lo scorso 16 aprile, ma questa non e' poi avvenuta. Sono in tutto 22 i poliziotti e i militari attualmente prigionieri delle Farc che, in cambio della loro liberazione, chiedono la scarcerazione di 500 ribelli.
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Grandparents Apart

Una manifestazione pacifica contro i Servi Sociali, l'adozione dei figli e le politiche per la famiglia
Mercoledì 4 Marzo alle 11h00
George Square, Glasgow City Centre

A mother has contacted us in distress. Her children have been taken into care on the say so of a relative who benefits financially from the children’s misery.

The mother has fought social services who cannot give her a real reason for the children’s removal except that she is mentally unbalanced without a professional diagnosis of any kind. What mother would not speak up and be distressed at the removal of her children in this situation. I would say she is justified in going completely bonkers.

At the last rare meeting with her kids they were asking if they can come home to mum but the social services have gone too far in this case in interfering in this family’s life and must continue to ruin the children’s lives to justify their actions.

Their is at present two cases like this and John Hemming is taking a very similar case to The Court of European Rights.

The social services must be accountable for cases like these. Children’s lives are being ruined and nobody is to know about it because of the secrecy laws which social services hide behind to cover up their blunders. How can they sleep at night with that on their conscience?

Edinburgh social services said when I wrote to them about the Edinburgh grandparent’s case. quote “The problems with recruiting social workers in particular should make it very clear what a challenging role it is” unquote”. Would it not be nearer the truth to say that people who have a sense of into people justice and fairness would not dream of becoming a social worker because of the work load and the corners they have to cut to achieve the targets set them. I personally have spoken to chief social workers at government level and they were astonished at what we told them about their so called caring services. Oh dear that doesn’t happen in my office. Cost is the overriding factor now, not care as the social services once were.

The government ministers say they do not want to interfere in peoples lives and the pattern that has emerged shows that social services is putting fear into people to achieve this result

. What a helluva cruel way to go about it.. treating children as commodities in a business.

Jimmy Deuchars
Grandparents Apart UK



Dads on the Air


Baby p in the u.k did’nt fall through the cracks, he disappeared into the frightening black hole of the family justice system.

Unfortunately he is one of millions of children around the globe, who have been forcibly removed from the protective love and care of half of their biological families.

Their parents were sucked into the financial and emotional black hole, and their children forcibly removed and left in the care of one parent who is given total power and control over every parenting aspect of the couple’s children.

These children disappear into the unprotected black hole of physical and emotional torture, at the very hands of those who are entrusted to care for their health and well being.

Evidence of the child protector’s dysfunctional unsuitability as a protective parent is ignored, while the other biological parent is excluded from taking part in the protection and parenting process.

Unfortunately our legislators are drawn from an ignorant community, which still believes “the best interest of children” is best served by this draconian international family justice industry, which is wreaking such havoc upon our unsuspecting communities.

Future generations will cringe when they read how for decades, millions of children were removed from perfectly normal, responsible and loving parents, because the international family justice industry and their mercenaries, considered that not to do so, would upset dysfunctional and psychologically disturbed custodial parents and this would therefore negatively impact on the children.

The sheer enormity of this world wide problem is alarming, and the level of corruption, ignorance and incompetency of many of those involved with the operations of the international family justice industry, beggars belief.

Having spoken to representatives of many of the world’s leading victim groups and to those that support their call for change, i am humbled by their restrained demeanour in the face of such concerted attacks upon their fundamental human rights and those of their children.

No civilised society should tolerate such assault on the basic civil and human rights of its population, by state sponsored agencies and bureaucracies.

The problem will only be resolved, when both responsible biological parents are given the legal parenting right, priority and opportunity, to remain involved in their children’s life, during their formative years of childhood.

If we consider ourselves to be a civilised society, yet continue to allow our governments to ignore this urgent issue, then we are all complicit in the cultural genocide of our civilisation.

Peter van de Voorde
Presenter, Researcher and co-Producer



Collectif La Vie de Pères

SAP : forse una piccola speranza ?

Michel Willekens segnala:
Lavaggio del cervello per i bambini nonostante gli ex
Di Barbara Kay

versione originale in inglese



Plataforma Padres Sin Ley

Manifestazione Nazionale
3 Maggio 2009 nella città di Toledo
in coincidenza con la Festa nazionale della Mamma

Toledo a 11 de Febrero de 2009
Don José Muñoz como presidente de La Plataforma Padres sin Ley convoca a todos los padres, madres, abuelos, abuelas, asociaciones presidentes de las mismas y a sus asociados, a la Manifestación Nacional que se programa para el día 3 de Mayo de 2009 en la ciudad de Toledo.
Se escoge el día 3 de Mayo de 2009 coincidiendo con el día de la madre, para dar a entender, y concienciar a la sociedad que tenemos que prevenir y luchar contra el Maltrato al Hombre. Y reivindicar la Custodia Compartida, de los hijos después de un proceso de separación y divorcio en la pareja.
En España existen muchos hombres maltratados por sus parejas, pero estos no tienden a presentar denuncia por vergüenza y miedo a las represalias que la justicia impone al recibir una denuncia paralela de su pareja, no siendo creídos por los poderes judiciales y siendo puestos a disposición judicial, por una denuncia falsa de maltrato.

El Ministerio de Igualdad y su Ministra Bibiana Aido, están desconsiderando la figura del hombre en todos sus actos y discrimina la figura del padre ante la sociedad. Los gastos del El Ministerio de Igualdad es pagado por todos los españoles incluidos los hombres, por lo que solicitamos que obre en consecuencia y sea consciente de la problemática actual y que el Numero 016 que en estos momentos es para ayudar a las mujeres maltratadas sea también para el hombre maltratado.

Tenemos que dar claridad de una vez por todas. Cuando un hombre y una mujer ya no se quieren se separan pero eso no tiene ni debe pasar con los hijos habidos en la relación de esa pareja, Los hijos deben y tienen que seguir en total contacto con su padre y con su madre, en su educación, alimentación etc… Por eso no solo estamos a favor de la CUSTODIA COMPARTIDA sino que la exigimos al Gobierno de España. A partir de este momento La Plataforma Padres Sin Ley, junto con diferentes entidades, empresas y personas del mundo del espectáculo, tanto nacionales como internacionales, emprenderá acciones a favor de la CUSTODIA COMPARTIDA y en contra del MALTRATO AL HOMBRE.

Esta CONVOCATORIA a la (MANIFESTACION NACIONAL A FAVOR DE LA CUSTODIA COMPATIDA y en contra del MALTRATO AL HOMBRE), se hace extensa a nivel Nacional e Internacional. Todas aquellas personas, entidades, empresas etc.. que quieran sumarse que lo notifiquen a: 3demayo at ppslinternacional dot com
Necesariamente necesitamos tu presencia en este acto y en los demás actos de los cuales iremos informando puntualmente.

Un saludo
Jose Muñoz
Presidente Plataforma Padres sin Ley ( PPSL Internacional)


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